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Taster Introduction Bundles

Unsure what you will get after joining our membership?
Try out our taster introduction bundles. Every bundle comes complete with a comprehensive supplies modules and 2-3 art projects to sink your teeth into! The bundles are your to keep forever.

What's even better is, you can still get our teacher's eye balls on your work when you submit your work!

You can consider joining our affordable membership if you enjoyed the classes and get access to ALL our art projects!

Acrylic Taster Bundle

Everything you need to get started on acrylic painting for age 7 and above.

Charcoal Taster Bundle

Everything you need to get started on charcoal for age 7 and above

isn't a mysterious trait or genetics.
It is a process that can be
learned, honed and mastered.

The best creative art education is the one that you can access right now

Utter Studio Online Academy makes it easy for anyone to improve your Art through:

Professional Art instructions anytime anywhere

Get artworks reviewed by teachers monthly

Learn from a community of like-minded peers.
Learn as a collective.

Progress through art projects with increasing difficulty levels!

About Us

Utter Studio Online Academy started as Utter Studio. Read about our beginning HERE.

No more staying envious of other kids who just seems mysteriously TALENTED. All my students in the studio can achieve these results without teacher touch up, pre-drawn guidelines and teacher demostration. How do we do it?

I will be spilling all my secrets in the online art membership! I will teach you step by step, coach you until you get it in my membership community. No prior art experience needed!



"What I specially like about Ee sock's sessions are that she does not look at teaching art to get a child's work to look good to others or to get get parets to be impressed with their child's work. She genuinely tries to teach children to appreciate beauty, to observe, to struggle and fail and then struggle some more and succeed, to be responsible, to understand what is going on and she helps them think for themselves about their own work, instead of giving pre-determinded expectations for their work. It is to find a teacher who thinks this way and I was very pleased to have found Utter Studio!"

Anjum, Mom of Zephyr, age 9, 2020
Left (artwork by Zephyr in the Budding Artist Membership of our Online Academy)

The Budding Artist Membership allows my child to pick and choose lessons that he is interested in, and learn at his own pace, at his own comfort level. The online detailed feedback is able to help him with difficulties that he faced so he is able to complete the art piece. Gareth even attempts a new photo reference on his own after watching your videos.  We love the explaination of art supplies and the feedback forum the most!"

Yunyi, Mom of Gareth age 8, 2022
Right (artwork by Gareth in the Budding Artist Membership)

"Prarthana has been extremely happy to be reunited with her teacher Ee Sock. These online classes are a welcome substitute to those who are not in Singapore but still are passionate about learning Art and participating in fun Art sessions of Teacher Ee Sock. I will be recommending these sessions to my other friends here in India as well. Extremely thankful that these sessions are being meticulously planned. Prarathana loves the open communication with Teacher Ee Sock through the online membership and she never feels lonely."

Priya, Mom of Prarthana, 11, 2022
Left (artwork by Prarthana in Budding Artist Membership)

How it works

Choose your Membership

Choose your membership according to your age group to get specially curated content

Get instant access to courses available

A growing library of courses by the day. You get access to courses immediately. You get to choose to go deeper in one medium or get yourself exposed to multiple mediums. You get to experience an unprecedented level flexibility in crafting your studio quality art education.

Community and Feedback

Unlike regular online courses, our membership aims to connect you to a community of like-minded learners to cheer each other on.

On top of that, you get the support and attention of our resident teacher Ee Sock when you submit your artworks online for critique.

Look forward to monthly critiques and bi-monthly art jam sessions once you join our community!