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Online Art Videos Tutorials for age 5- 8

Ditch expensive and time consuming art classes
that don't work.

Transform your young kids into
creative and confident artists with ease!

Nuture Creativity, Confidence and Connection through Art at home

You know art is super important for kids, but you don't know how to start.

You want to create art with your kid but don't know what supplies to use. You have the desire but not the know-how.

You saved tons of art videos to work on with your kid, but you never seem to get down to using them.

I get it and that's where I can help.

Are you ready to learn why those videos don't work in nurturing creative confidence in you and your kids?
(Secret: It is not that you and your kids are not creative/ talented enough, I promise)

Art-making using the Artful Self Discovery Framework is the most effective way to nurture creativity and confidence in young children!

  • Start using one of the easiest way and most effective way to foster creativity and confidence in young children at home!
  • Find curated art projects and activities that is age appropriate for your kids
  • Get access to a proven framework that helps your kid progressing through the different stages of creativity
  • Learn the untold secrets to drawing effectively
  • Get access to resources, articles, tips and strategies on how to navigate each stage effectively
  • Become a "kid whisperer" as you learn how to connect with your kid on a profound level through art-making and expression

Leave your stories of "I am not creative/talented" enough and play creatively with your kids, like you've always wanted to!

If you want to nail creativity and confidence with your young kids,
Artful Connections Community is the place to start!

What's included in Artful Connections Community

As a ACC member, you will have access to ALL of our content 24/7.

- Project Prep and Facilitation Guides (for parents)
- Project Demonstrations (for kids)
- PDF Printable pages
- Monthly Featured Artist opportunities
- Monthly Project Critique and Review opportunities
- Private community

Varied Art Mediums

Bid goodbye to BORING art like pencil and wax crayons.  

At CCC, we are not afraid of materials!

We will demystify and introduce exploration of MORE art tools for you and your kids!  

Think acrylic paints . charcoal (YES!) . clay . craft . mix media . oil pastels, collage  and MORE  

Thematic Child-Centric Approach

Our art projects are categoried thematically.

Choose the theme that best interest your kids and start where your kid is!

The difficulty level is designed to gradually increase within each theme so that your kid grow and evolve!

Art Project Structure

Each of our art project is structured like a hamburger.

Veggie = Prep kits and facilitation tips for parents
Patty= Demonstration videos for children to watch
Cheese= Fun extensions of the project theme, includes printables and easy follow-along video demonstrations for small projects

Prep Kit and Printables

Short on time this weekend?

Need a quick project to pass some time?

Want something extra to extend the art and creative conversations?

We've got you.

"Art-making using the Artful Self Discovery Framework
is the most effective way
to nurture creativity and confide
nce in young children!  "

Why we can no longer overlook the importance of nurturing and fostering creativity and confidence in our children

  • Leadership: In an IBM CEO studies conducted in 2010, creativity is listed as one of the critical leadership qualities of successful CEOs. Creativity is now not just a skill but a defining trait of effective leadership in the modern world.
  • Business and Innovation: Companies like Apple, known for their groundbreaking products, prioritize creativity in their teams to develop new technologies and design aesthetic products that captivate consumers.
  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing: Creative branding and marketing strategies set businesses apart in competitive markets. Successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson (Virgin Group) have leveraged creativity to build strong brand identities.
  • Technology and Startups: The tech industry thrives on creativity. Entrepreneurs and tech leaders like Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX) and Jeff Bezos (Amazon) have demonstrated creative problem-solving to pioneer new industries and revolutionize space exploration and e-commerce.
  • Healthcare and Medicine: Medical researchers and practitioners rely on creative thinking to develop new treatments, medical devices, and approaches to patient care. The rapid development of vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic is a testament to the importance of innovation in healthcare.
  • Environmental Conservation: Creativity is crucial in finding innovative solutions to environmental challenges. Engineers and scientists work on creative projects such as renewable energy technologies, waste reduction strategies, and sustainable agriculture.


Choose membership level

Starts as low as $1 a day
Cancel anytime

Pick a theme, gather supplies and create!

1. Parents get to pre-watch our veggie module videos and process map summary to catch a few good tips on the overall project

2. Watch demo videos with kids and create together

Submit photos of artworks in our private facebook group

Get monthly feedbacks and review for artworks. Get your challenges addressed in monthly reviews.

What our parents have to say...

Course Pricing

  • Monthly
  • $27 USD

    per month



" I have been teaching for over 9 years and I can safely say that anyone can learn how to draw giving the right guidance. We have been taught WRONG all these while. Creativity is more than drawing. It is a journey of confidence and skill. One that I can guide you through if you decide to do it with me!"

Teacher Ee Sock 

Why Artful Connections Community

Unique benefits of Artful Connections Community

You get full control of the learning pace, schedule and time. No need to beat the traffic and no more wasted time travelling.

Our unique philosophy and methodology focuses on Art as a tool to help your child build confidence. 

We believe experiential learning is the way for our children to learn how to trust themselves

We have been in the arts education industry since 2014. Our curriculum is tried and tested.

We use these very same lessons in our studio and have seen children become wildly confident in drawing and creating. 

We partner with you in crafting the perfect home art education for your child.

- Access to a community where you can ask questions and learn from other parents and child partnerships.

- Monthly critiques and QnA videos

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Artful Connections Community caters to art learning for children aged 5- 8. This membership is a year long membership for the modern parents who believes in the importance of providing a holistic and creative art education for their children.

If you are a parent who is hands-on and adventurous, this membership club is definitely for you. Expect lots of interaction between you and your child and expect to learn together with your child.

No, this is not a course. Courses are short term. We believe that creativity needs to be honed long term. Creativity is a lifestyle choice. It does not exist as one singular artwork, rather in an environemnt that promotes and encouarges curious creations. In order for us children to grow, they need to repeatedly experience the creation process. That's why we created the subscription model to ensure that families have instant access to meaningful art activities suitable for their very young children.

No more long hours researching for the right activity, no tiring research to understand the right materials. Just access all this information right at your fingertips.

Children age 5-8 are not built to sit and learn passively in front of a screen. You probably already know that. Live interactions are what they need. They need to move, play, fall and discover this world through all their senses.

I have tried it before and the results were children getting distracted, running around, not able to see the demostrations. And eventually they lose interest.

On the contrary, I am encouraging you to use what I have created to support you, in building an art experience that help connect your children to their own experiences and environment! Nobody knows your child better than you! So who best to curate and customise their art experiences than you? Our membership provides you with the demonstrations, teachings and know-how. You hold space for your child through conversation making and facilitating their curiosity!

Of course you can. The internet is flooded with lots of information. Chances are, you can find versions of what we are teaching. Heck, you could even just head over to Utter Studio facebook page and look at our children's outcomes. However, it is not just about the artwork and outcomes. It is the facilitation that makes all the difference. And youtube content creators sure as hell are not interested in helping you customise their content to work with your child.

So instead of you are sitting in front of your computer or your phone surfing through endless videos, each one not quite meeting your requirement, why not let me do the hard part, and you just enjoy the working and learning together with your child part?

Is playing with your child time consuming?

What if making art is just as fun as playing with your child?

In this membership, you get to manage your own schedule! I recommend setting aside 1-1.5 hours each week for an art session. Showing up consistently and making time for the together time, helps build a routine and teaches your child to look forward to creating with you.

This club is meant to be flexible and adapted to your own unique family schedule.

Don't worry. We have got you covered.

Our projects starts off with
1) helping parents understand the objectives of the class, the materials needed, possible alternatives, as well as what to say and how to prompt your child during the art sessions.
2) Demonstrations that are suitable for you to watch together with your child during creation time

If you feel confident enough, you could attempt to faciliate without our demonstration videos and instead focus on talking with your child while they are creating. I will share tips for parents who are keen to try that too!

There are a couple of ways
1) You can submit their work within the project assigments
2) Monthly critiques, selected works will be featured and discussed

Unfortunately there is no refund policy. You will get access for the full month even if you choose to cancel way before your subscription ends.

Absolutely, however, you will need to be clear whenever submitting your works on the platform. :)

However, please take care of our online academy and refrain from sharing teaching content outside as we are a small business and depend on everyone's contribution to be able to continue upgrading and providing you with the best content possible. We hope you take care of us and protect us too.

Shoot us an email at

Subscription Options

  • Monthly
  • $27 USD

    per month