Charcoal Introduction Bundle

A Introductory Course on how to start with Charcoal

Benefits of ONLINE art learning with Utter Studio


You get instant access to the projects that you purchase and there is not time pressure as the course NEVER expires.

You can do the projects at anytime that works for you and your child.

No more tight schedule and long travelling hours to classes.

Sustainable Art Practice

You learn how to setup, create and pack up your art area. Creating a home practise means there is a higher chance your child can have a sustainable creative practice at home!

Also, online classes are typically more pocket friendly and you have unlimited access to the lessons (meaning you can watch rewatch as many times as you like and need)

Lifetime access for the courses that you purchased!  

Artwork Review

You can submit your artwork online to be reviewed by our teacher.

Feedback is the key to improvement, and sometimes in the classroom, due to time and student ration, your child does not get teacher feedback.

Here on the platform, we built in the feedback loop for your child's development

Authentic Artworks

Sometimes, in studios, the teachers inevitably edit, pre-draws or does some paint over your children's artworks. This can produce "pretty" artworks but reduce student learnings and the authenticity of the artwork.

Overtime, it also reduces children's creative confidence and increases dependency on the teacher.



For the special June holiday, we will be conducting a special promotion for this bundle. 

Special Price

This bundle ia offered at a special price available only during this school holiday

Taster to Main Course

If you complete this Taster Charcoal course and you love it. We would like to welcome you into our academy of young Art learners!

But we only want serious artists who wants to become better. So we will only give you our special discount code to join our academy at even lower prices if you complete and submit ALL projects of the Charcoal bundle by end of June Holidays.

Learn more about Utter Studio Online Academy

Student Artwork Gallery


The online detailed feedback is able to help him with difficulties that he faced so he is able to complete the art piece.

Gareth even attempts a new photo reference on his own after watching your videos.

We love the explaination of art supplies and the feedback forum the most!"


Mom of Gareth age 8, 2022 

Student Artwork Gallery

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