Budding Artist Membership

Year-long Art Membership for Age 8-12

Membership Description

Budding Artist Membership is a year long membership that brings
studio quality art education to your home.

If your child experience
- frustration in drawing
- being unable to draw what is in their mind's eye
-  feeling alone in their art learning
- low confidence in drawing

Wouldn't it be great if your child has ongoing access to a professional artist/teacher
all year round, giving feedback to help your child get the results they deserve?

This type of attention and expertise is unprecedented in children online art education!

.... well, this is why I created "BUDDING ARTIST MEMBERSHIP"

Our Curriculum


The Art of Observation


We do not scrimp on sharing on mediums and techniques.

Your child gets exposure to projects in watercolour, pencil, charcoal, acrylics and craft too!

You can count on us to deliver studio quality art education to the comforts of your home!

You can't draw what you can't see.

Our curriculum is grounded in observations. We designed exercises that will help children learn how to bypass common pitfalls in observations.

Say goodbye to copying silly childish drawings that is rampant in online classes everywhere.

Creativity is the ability to create. Without creation, one cannot be creative. Thus, it is more important for us to nurture our ability to create.

In our membership, we focus on teaching children how to tune in and overcome the challenges of creating.

Fear of failure, critical inner voices are all common pitfalls that can wreck havoc in a child's creativity journey. We will teach your child how to navigate these terrains.

Why Budding Artist Membership?

Unique benefits of our online art membership

You get full control of the learning pace, schedule and time. You get to rewatch videos as many times as you need to.

Our curriculum is tried and tested. We have been in the arts education industry since 2014.

We use these very lessons in our studio and have seen children become wildly confident in drawing and creating. 

We seek to develop our children holistically.

Art is a vehicle to help our children foster meaningful connections with their bodies and mind.

Children learn how to listen, trust, build resilience and gain confidence as they grow.

One the biggest difference in the ongoing support that you will get from our community.

Our monthly review sessions are a key differentiating factor. Our resident teacher will be giving feedbacks and critques for your child's artwork so that theyknow how and where to improve.

We believe that this feedback loop is a key component of independent learning.

Our membership encourages communication.

Monthly our monthly art jam sessions are a means to stay connected and listen to the needs of our students.

What will I get in the membership?

Courses and Projects

Instant access to a growing library of courses and projects of various medium.

Comprehensive Content

Courses and projects come complete with foundational videos regarding supplies, how to set-up etc...

Drills and Challenges

Instant access to our unique drills on how to hone observational skills day to day. These could come in the form of worksheets or challenge exercises!

Multiple Access Points

Access across multiple devices and apps. Meaning you can access the lessons and learn on demand anytime, anywhere.


Access to private community and our resident teacher where you get your questions answered as well as regular feedback for your artwork!

Private Events

Connect with our private resident teachers through our monthly/ bi-monthly Zoom event. Look out for paint sessions, live critique/ Q&A and more!

A sneal peek inside our Membership ...

Our growing course library

Take a look at the growing library of different mediums and projects that we have lined up. This is just the beginning! I can't wait to go full throttle and start producing more content for all my Budding Artists members!

Testimonial 1

"We subscribed to other online art classes. After a while, the drawing repeats. Like if I compare last year's mid autumn and this mid autumn, they draw the same moon and rabbit thing. They keep repeating the drawings.

In contrast, the Budding Artist Membership allows my child to pick and choose lessons that he is interested in, and learn at his own pace, at his own comfort level.

The online detailed feedback is able to help him with difficulties that he faced so he is able to complete the art piece.

Gareth even attempts a new photo reference on his own after watching your videos.

We love the explaination of art supplies and the feedback forum the most!"

Yunyi, mom of
Gareth (8) subscribed to Budding Artist Membership
Gwyneth (6) subscribed to Curious Creator Club

Testimonial 2

"Prarthana has been extremely happy to be reunited with her teacher Ee Sock. These online classes are a welcome substitute to those who are not in Singapore but still are passionate about learning Art and participating in fun Art sessions of Teacher Ee Sock.

I will be recommending these sessions to my other friends here in India as well. Extremely thankful that these sessions are being meticulously planned.

Prarathana loves the open communication with Teacher Ee Sock through the online membership and she never feels lonely."

Priya, Mom of
Prarthana (12) Subscribed to Budding Artist Membership


Budding Artist Membership caters to age 8- 12. Parents with children age 8-12, are welcome to join and try out the lessons here as well. I mean why not?

If your child is younger, we suggest you look at Curious Creator Club. This membership is designed with harder techniques and aimed at stacking up more techniques as we go along. Younger children have very different needs developmentally, and they also have very different cognitive levels, and motor skills control. To prematurely expose and force them into doing this membership could potentially do more harm than good.

No this is not a course. A course is short term.

Our online academy is offering long term support through subscriptions. Just like no parent will send their child for a class for 1 holiday class and expect a lasting transformation, why should this be any different?

All skills are built up like muscles. In order for your child to get a quality art education and pick up decent skills, consistent exposure is necessary. That’s why we designed it as a subcription and a membership. We will grow together collectively, all year long.

Most ZOOM classes are reduced to basic copy drawing and painting classes. There are already plenty of these out there. If you want true independence and confidence in learning how to draw, a child must learn how engage their minds and eyes during the process of art-making. Alot of content is built into our art videos lessons to ensure that you get all the goodness and theories needed.

It would not fit in a 1-2 hour ZOOM class. Also taking pre-recorded classes means you have the liberty to organise your time and build your own schedule instead of being tied down to my timings. You also get to watch the videos over and over again without the stress of "catching up with the teacher during live ZOOM sessions. (Not to mention potential technical problems, poor connection and poor resolutions in online ZOOM classes.

Ever tried a youtube painting and it never turns out the way you want it to look like?

Ever google pre-school art activities only to find overly simple kindergarten crafts handprint crafts that celebrate Thanksgiving? The Internet has vast resources, however, they are random. Many times they will be either too simple, too complex or too out of context for you.

Once you finish the youtube video you are onto your next search again. If you have loads of time to sieve through, then I say good for you!

Also, you are on your own after you have created your artwork. I believe that feedback is key to improving. So our membership is craeted with that feedback loop to get constructive critiques for your artwork from experienced teachers.

Our projects are also created with increasing difficulty levels to slowly stack up the learnings and improve over time.

Our lessons are pre-recorded and there is no fixed deadline. You can choose to work on it at your own time and pace that works for you and your child. There is no need to catch up because the classes are always available for you on the platform.

We have built in several chcek points for your child to submit in progress work, ask questions and access the community to ask questions when stuck. In depth critique and feedbacks are also available if your child submits completed works at the end of the month.

You control your own learning schedule! The classes are always available for you as long as you are in the subscription.

My suggestion is to put aside 1.5 hour minimally weekly to do this. Building a regular consistent schedule helps your child gain momentum needed in learning new skills and building new creative habits. Consistency is what transforms average into excellence.

For younger children parents are encouraged to participate actively in curating the experience. This could mean acclimatising them to them to the platform and helping them out with the materials purchase. 

There are 4 ways

1) Submitting his work and questions within the platform allows for interim quick chcek-ins from me.
2) Community. One can ask and get support in the private community available through the platform
3) Monthly Critiques / Award Ceremonies. Completed works will be selected for features and critiques.
4) Bi-monthly art jams

Unfortunately there is no refund policy. You will get access for the full month even if you choose to cancel way before your subscription ends.

Shoot us an email at info@utterstudio.com

Subscription Options

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    per month

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