Hi Parents,

Since August last year, I have become really intermittent and inconsistent with my Facebook updates. I have always hope to involve and help parents understand what I do with the children in class, so that you can support your children properly. So I sincerely apologise for the absence from the social media realm which has been my most effective communication tool in explaining the class...

I think this is really one of the main questions or possibly THE question that parents would ask any art school or company that they'll try to engage the services for their kids - "What is your company about?"

And before I answer that question, with regards to what is utter studio about... I want to share something first.

Recently we've been working with a new creative company and they do...


Someone asked me recently, "what kind of art classes do you offer at Utter Studio?"


And I replied, we offer very flexible and dynamic programs wherein the lessons fit the current need of the child. In these sessions, different kinds of medium will be used in drawing, painting or crafts like acrylic, charcoal, colored pencils, pastel, cardboards, clay and many more.


And then he asked, "do you...


Its another post of 




During clay modelling class, Sophia and Aiana (6 years old) started their usual conversations and their conversations never fail to amaze me.



Sophia: I've got black goo goo!

Aiana: There is no such thing as goo goo. Don't say that. Thats baby language

Sophia: I'm a baby

Aiana: Do your own thing... be serious.



Sophia: Oh my god, I'm sexy

Aiana: My m...

Children love playing with modelling clay! But what do they learn? Is it all just child's play? 


Here is my personal perspectives and views. Honestly, personally I never like clay class because it means alt of cleaning up to do on my part! However, I offer it because I think there are some things that is best communicated through this hands-on 3D kind of play.


1. Finer motor skills. 

Some children...

We are all used to drawing on a drawing paper. Drawing on a A4 sheet of paper. Or drawing on a small piece of paper. So this particular exercise appeals to children very much because of the scale and the sense of freddom they have to fully involve their whole body in the making of their art work.


The brief is for them to make a life size cardboard model of themselves. They start to find different...

Many art classes are formed by age. The children segmented into different age groups and then fed the same curriculum assuming that they are at the same develpmental level and maturity. The teacher demostrates at the beginning of the class and everyone produces the same sort of work.


This way of teaching allows more of the children to produce the same "ideal" kind of artwork. Which piece of artwor...


I am not the only teacher in class. Often, the children turn out to be better teachers than I am. They use the exact language that is most suitable to teach and communicate with their peers. Language that they can relate to immediately. 


Aiana is having trouble making her nose in modelling clay. I asked if Sophia would like to help Aiana. She immediately jumped at the offer and started coach...


We introduced Reese (7 year old) to charcoal for many session and eventually she got used to observing the shapes of lights and shadows. Having establish this foundation, now we can introduce other mediums to further sharpen her abilities. This time, instead of observing blacks and putting it down on the paper, she observes white and shades of greys. 


With a firm foundation, she manages this art...

Children come into Utter Studio in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Of different character traits and unique personalities. 


Sometimes, an innocent exercise for one kid could bring up unique challenges for another. Through the artwork, we address deeper issues uncovered in the child. 


I gave the boys a simple task, which is to learn how to control their brush pressure. To put on more pressure to cre...

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An Open Letter To Our Studio Parents

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