The Origins Story

Who is behind Utter Studio?

Hi I am Ee Sock and I am the founder of Utter Studio

I was enrolled into neighbourhood enrichment art classes from a very young age. In school, friends knew me to be the talented one. But I always felt like a imposter because in the enrichment art class, I was just an average artist who scored B. There were things that I wanted to draw but I couldn't, and I did not know how to improve myself. I was stuck.

 I recall the exhilaration I felt when I discovered that I could improve through a great college art teacher that I had. The AH-HA I experienced was invigorating and gave me so much hope and belief. That is the exact feeling that I want children to feel when they are creating art with me. I want to empower children and give them the same confidence and hope that I experienced.

‚ÄčIt is with this conviction and belief that I started Utter Studio in 2014.

What is Utter Studio? 

Utter Studio is a physical studio based in sunny little Singapore. In this physical studio, I have worked with hundreds of students for more than 8 years.

Utter Studio has unique philosophies and methodologies.
1. I never touch up any of the children's artwork (regardless of age, and even in public one-off workshops)
2. I do not do demonstrations for young children to copy below the age of 10 in my regular teaching classes. (Then how can they draw so well????)

My unique approach and teaching methodology has proven that learning how to draw is not a matter of talent. It is a matter of method and approach and many children were just never taught the correct method.

You can find Utter Studio at and

Why start Utter Studio Online Academy?

Put simply, I realise that there aren't many around doing what I do, teaching the way I do.

Many art classes (both in-person and online) still teach in the traditional method where children are conditioned to COPY a teacher's stylished drawing. Many in-person studios alter a child's drawing before they bring back an artwork so that it looks presentable.

So, I want to share my methods and beliefs with more families, parents and children in hope to inspire a change in the way Art is being taught and experienced.

So what are your philosophies and methodologies?

I was taught traditionally. Go into class, copy the teacher's drawings. I would go for a competition and see the winners all draw a circle shape as their hands. We all knew which teacher those students went to. It always felt rigged.

My belief is that by teaching children to copy a teacher's stylised way of drawing, we are telling children "The teacher has the right answer. Just copy what the teacher does and you will get it RIGHT." We send the message of asking a child to looking outside at an adult authority figure in particular for the "right" answers!

It is of my own opinion that what I want to teach children instead is to learn at a very young age to trust their own senses; their eyes, thoughts and inner resourcefulness.

Very often the difference between a winner and the average Joe is the belief and trust in self. How can we trust ourselves when the answer is always dictated by someone outside of us? So in my methods of teaching, I focus beyond technique. I use art to create a safe space for the child to explore their inner landscapes. I guide them to listen and trust themselves. I encourage them discover their inner conversations and practise seaking themselves in a compassionate manner.

Art, to me is simply a tool and vehicle to help children learn how to first connect and undertand themselves powerfully, then express confidently outwards.