The Last Stroke: Why Utter Studio had to go

A look at why Utter Studio chose to close the physical studio and what's next for us


On 31st Dec 2022, Utter studio said goodbye to its very first physical space. With an exponential rise of >50% in rental prices, Utter Studio has decided to terminate its lease at Jalan Kelulut. It was a decision made with a heavy heart, as this place has seen us through 9 heartfelt years.

Brief Background

Utter Studio started at the Jalan Kelulut premise in December 2013.

Utter Studio’s mission is to allow children to hone a new language. A language that will allows children to express ourselves without words. A language that cannot be wrong, cancelled or disguised with a teacher’s strokes. In Utter Studio, no artworks will be “touched up” by an adult hand, no child will trace over pre-drawn works. What you see, is what you get from our studio.

In this studio, I have coached, guided and worked with every single children who walked through my door. I stayed true to my belief that children KNOW how to draw if they SEE and OBSERVE. I knew from my own art education/ journey that something was missing and that I could right that wrong. I wanted to be that fresh perspective to change how Art is taught. The conventional “copy what I draw” way of teaching that is prevalent in the market was not what I believed in. There is a intuitive way to learning Art, one that empowers our children. One that does so without stripping them of their innate sensibilities.

Utter Studio refuses to be part of the commercial assembly line for “manufactured artworks from children”. Children are not slaves born to draw what adults find pretty. Children are born to explore and show us what they see, think and feel.


I stand in the empty space of Utter Studio reflecting the years gone by. This space as seen many apprehensive children. Ones who come in uttering “I don’t know, I can’t”. To confident artists who can comfort new students “There is no wrong, try”. I know in my heart that I have done right by the children.

Doing the right thing means some things have got to go. Once upon a time, I dreamt of a big studio with many teachers. After years of trying things out, staying small and compact gave the studio agility and flexibility. I get to work with the children up close and personal. I saw the ebbs and flows of the children’s growth in my space. I know that the love and care that went into the teaching follows the children everywhere they go. The seeds of mindset shifts planted, will sprout and grow no matter where they go.

Doing the right thing means staying true to my energy and my values. "As of 2023 I would like my work to be more accessible to people from wherever they are." The idea of a very expensive physical space does not appeal to me because it takes time and energy away from the work that I could be doing. I will incorporate my beliefs and 9 years of Utter Studio experience into the design of the new Online Academy. Now more people can get access the unique flavour of Utter Studio from the comforts of your home.


If you have always loved what I do at the studio, but never had the opportunity to enroll with me? Come and join me at Utter Studio Online Academy.

We currently have

open for enrollment. Once you are in the membership, your children will get

  • access to a growing library of art lessons and projects
  • opportunities to submit works for personalised feedback via video feedback
  • connection to a community of students of different backgrounds and learn from each other work
  • access to support, asking me questions on the learning platform via text or even video

Sharing is Caring

If you know of anyone who have been looking for

  • great online children art classes

please direct them to Utter Studio Online Academy to check out our current memberships.

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