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What are Workshops?

These are our workshops that we create and open up for registration to everyone who is qualified and interested to join. 


We have 2 types of public workshops that we offer. First is our Outdoor Workshops, these activities are done outside of Utter Studio space and it can be open to the public or exclusive to our enrolled students (more on this in a bit...).


The workshops can be about anything... drawing trees, still life drawing, or painting food. Previous locations where in Bishan Park, Botanic Gardens, and even inside shopping malls! (There's actually a lot of interesting art subjects in there)


Our workshops that are exclusive to our enrolled students are called 'ART EXCURSIONS'. This types of workshops are held in interesting locations where the students are immersed in a more advance level of observation and skills-building activities.


And then second, we have our very fun and novel Holiday Workshops. We have completed 10 different types of holiday workshops ever since we started doing this last June 2015. (as of April 2016). The activities are very diverse and tackles different forms of mediums available for art, such as Batik, Air-dry Clay, Making Plushies, and many more. And we will continue to surprise you with many different types of holiday workshops soon... so stay tuned!


Outdoor Workshops

Previous Workshops:

  • "How to draw a tree" workshop (Locations: Bishan Park and Botanical Gardens)


    • @ Seletar Mall

    • @ Selaseh Park

Current/Future Workshops:

  • Currently no scheduled workshops yet

Holiday Workshops

Previous Workshops:

  • Batik Art Painting

  • Sky Canvas Painting

  • Air-dry Clay Art

  • Tote Bag Painting

  • Glass/Porcelain Painting

  • Christmas Plushies

  • Cookie Jar Painting

  • Lighted Canvas

  • Canvas Art

  • Lollipop cakes

Current/Future Workshops:

  • Currently no scheduled workshops yet

Interested? Send us a message below or whatsapp us at +65.9127.0584
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