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What our clients say about us?


    “My Son is very quiet in school as stated by his teachers but very talkative at home and I feel as a parent, self expression is something that he needs to work on. Initially, when he started with utter studio, I thought he'll just learn how to draw or paint but I know my son can already draw. So I signed him up to learn more but after a couple of sessions he didn't just enjoyed art he started sharing whatever he has drawn and as a father myself I feel that it's good to know what your child finds important to them and be able to express that by any means possible. 
    Thank you Ee Sock for being flexible with your time and creating this opportunity for us to have an extended meaningful communication with our son. 
    Best of luck. May you help more families with your studio."


Sherwin Uy, Occupational Therapist and father of Sam Uy (6 years old)

    My daughter has discovered a totally new view in drawing after her first session at Utter Studio. Now after six sessions, she enjoys every single session and had experienced different method of arts. Utter Studio really discovers and develops one's potential and not mould into a fix way of drawing.

Phua Tien Liang, Business Owner and father of Yan Tong (8 years old)



    Utter studio is a relaxing place to spend some quiet moments with your friends and family. Through painting, you are able to learn new skills and also unleash your hidden art talent. It's also a moment where everyone will put down our hp and immerse ourselves in the world of art. You all should try it out too! Thanks to teacher Yanxue for the patience and guidance throughout the session. Had lots of fun painting with sisters! Enjoyed myself alot!

Wendy Li



 “A very FUN and enjoyable afternoon at Utter studio painting with sisters.... I never think I could draw that painting, really no clue how to start but Yanxue teacher is so patient to teach me.
THANKS for the great guidance and I am HAPPY to see the end result. Thumbs up for Yanxue teacher and Utter studio

Pearlyn Sim



    “It was the first time I tried canvas painting and using acrylic. And I was excited to get my hands on it! However, I almost didn't managed to complete it as I was clueless on where i should start from. Thanks to teacher Ang's patience and guidance, I completed my painting at last.And I was really the last to complete amongst my sisters ^.^ Through the session, she've taught us we can achieve more than what we think we can, by listening to our inner thoughts. And not forgetting her final touch-ups to my painting that made it more outstanding. Thanks Ee Sock! We enjoyed your lesson a lot :)

Wee Lian



“I had an enjoyable afternoon last Friday, calling my "artistic" self, taming my energetic self to a compose one, while trying my best to fix up a piece that seemed impossible! Many thanks for Yanxue teacher for your guidance and I glide through with astonishment! Really a fun day for me!!!

Karrayl Sim



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