What is Utter Studio about?

I think this is really one of the main questions or possibly THE question that parents would ask any art school or company that they'll try to engage the services for their kids - "What is your company about?"

And before I answer that question, with regards to what is utter studio about... I want to share something first.

Recently we've been working with a new creative company and they do these short video clips to describe a business. And honestly at first when they approached us I thought that it would be impossible to define Utter Studio in one minute. But eventually we did took it on and invited them over...

During our brainstorming, we were able to relive the vision that we have set a few years ago when we first started on what we want Utter Studio to be and how we have fulfilled that promise. It's quite amazing.

To understand, here's a short video clip that we have produced that reflects a normal art class in our studio. Enjoy!

So what did you notice? If you saw it, then in the most simplest of explanations... that's what Utter Studio about.

If you didn't see it... then you'll have to wait for our next post to know what we are about.

Until then, keep being amazed with the wonderful colors of our world.