Children make the best teachers

I am not the only teacher in class. Often, the children turn out to be better teachers than I am. They use the exact language that is most suitable to teach and communicate with their peers. Language that they can relate to immediately.

Aiana is having trouble making her nose in modelling clay. I asked if Sophia would like to help Aiana. She immediately jumped at the offer and started coaching Aiana the same way I coached her.

(Sophia touches Aiana's nose and ask)

"Aiana, is your nose flat? What is the shape of your nose?

(Picks up a plastic modelling knife with pointed end)

"Is your nose pointy like this?"

(Holds up a curvy plastic modelling knife)

"Or is it curvy?"

(I intervened when sophia started making the nose for Aiana, and ask Sophia to let Aiana have a try on her own. Then Sophia said to Aiana)

"See! You can figure it out"

Isn't she a professional? Using tools around her to help Aiana understand concepts. Excellent teacher, I couldn't have done a better job than her.

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