We do not "TEACH" charcoal or pastel, we TEACH SEEING

We introduced Reese (7 year old) to charcoal for many session and eventually she got used to observing the shapes of lights and shadows. Having establish this foundation, now we can introduce other mediums to further sharpen her abilities. This time, instead of observing blacks and putting it down on the paper, she observes white and shades of greys.

With a firm foundation, she manages this art piece of her grandpa with ease.

Only when a child truly learns to see then can he learn how to draw. And when she learnns how to draw then can she learn a medium and technique properly. Toold and mediums only serves to complement drawing ability.

That why at Utter Studio, we never "teach" charcoal or "teach" acrylic painting, because all these are our trade tools to teach drawing. Drawing is the hardest and most valuable skill that the child can take away from us.

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