How to talk to children about their Art work?

Many of my parents feel incapable of teaching or working with their child on Art because they have not taken up Art before.

"I don't know how to make it better."

"I can't draw for nuts"

"I can't teach him how to draw that, because I don't know how to draw that either."

Well, my question is, what is it that you would like to teach your child? Is it really to teach him how to draw that particular object? Or to teach him to look at something and enjoy the process of drawing, creating and experiementing? Does your child's drawing have to look GOOD or REAL in order to justify that he is doing Art?

If you can drop the idea that you need to HELP your child produce a very wonderful drawing, then perhaps, I can share with you how I work with my studio children. I never ever help them with their drawing. I never hold their hands, I don't draw templates, I don't draw on the white board (Even if I have one on my wall), I won't draw on their paper.

I simply talk to them. I ask them questions. I ask them questions about their drawing. I ask them about what they are drawing. I ask them what do they see?

Allow me to give you an example.

[left] pre-drawing drawn by Faith (5 year-old)