Why do we go to an Art school?

This is quite a typical drawing of a young child. Beautifully expressed by a young 4 year-old soul, we adults would probably go "Wooo~~~ so cute..."

Then when we think maybe this child needs to grow up a little more before attending Art class because it simply does not look like she has talent. Undeniably cute drawing, but not something that would make us jump out of our chair and enroll her into Art school to further develop her drawing skills. We would say... "Maybe when she's older."

Curious indeed. Why do we enroll our children into school even when they cannot read and write. Young children never need to prove to us that they have talent in order to learn how to read and write. Literacy is not something that we are born with, yet the world seems to believe and agree that visual lietracy has to be innate. Without the so-called talent, the child does not deserves to be taught.

I believe otherwise. Visual literacy is taught. Some children may pick it up faster and easier than others, just like some of us are better at Maths while another may struggle with it.

I would like to show you the second drawing this young soul made within the same class.

Notice how the same child has chosen to express the same face she saw minutes ago in such a different way!

What changed? Her visual literacy improved. She has learnt how to perceive with just less than 5 minutes of verbal discussion about her face with me.

What does this visual literacy means? Visual literacy means the condition in which one is knowledgeable in what one is able to see with their eyes.

The reason why many of us fail to draw or even grow up thinking that we are not talented enough, is because we were not taught about visual literacy. The simple ability to see the world right in front of our eyes.

If a 4 year old child can do this, so can most children and adults. Everyone can learn how to draw.

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