Why do all children draw the same kind of faces?

Is this how your child draws faces?

Christian (5 year-old)

[left] Self portrait by Christian (5 year-old)

[right] Self portrait by Titus (8 year-old)

So would young children improve their drawings naturally if left unguided? I would say, not in a way that would really make a difference. 3 years apart, and yet the same drawing is produced for these two boys.

Let's take a look at their full potential after being coached in class only in one session.

[left] Self portrait by Christian (5 year-old)

[right] Self portrait by Titus (8 year-old)

Drastic changes in both of their drawings. Shapes and forms that closely describes their facial features started appearing. Of course, Titus, being much older was able to describe it with more precision than Christian, who is still tuning his finer motor skills.

So why didn't both of them draw in the same way before? You might ask..

Well, simple, they didn't know how to.

They didn't know how to look, thus they were essentially unaware of it.

[The context of the class is that the child is requested to draw a portrait of themselves with the help of a mirror in front of them. After the first unguided drawing, the art coach will step in with a discussion with them to review that work and then they will attempt the same self portrait again with the same mirror.]

You can't change what you are unaware of, and in Utter Studio, what I would like to do for the child is take off the blindfold off every single child who comes in and let them see. And trust me, it can be done. As long as your child can understand the instruction of drawing a face and is willing to draw... your child will learn how to take off their own blindfolds.