Charcoal Drawing Journey of a 7 Year Old (Part 3)

Remember the last week, when Reese said that she didn't want to do anymore charcoal drawings?

Well, after speaking to her Mom, I realised that there were doubts that Reese completed her drawing completely by herself.

So we went on to hatch a cunning plan!

We worked together and tricked Reese into doing one more charcoal portrait.

Reese's family, being super supportive, participated in the whole experience. Reese's drawing class being a whole family affair where her family members would pose for her, (they would do a simple set up to snap clear contrast picture, then her mom will print it out for her on the computer) .

These participative nature pushed really added to Reese's experience. She would come into class and tell me why her daddy chose a particular pose, how she was the one holding up the pillow behind her daddy while her mommy took the picture.

For this portrait, Reese had a harder time seeing the blacks and greys. the photos were taken much darker so she could see lesser distinctions between the blacks. I kept asking her if she could see the different shades of grey as we worked along but she was like noo...