Charcoal Drawing Journey of a 7 Year Old (Part 2)

This was Reese's second lesson with charcoal portrait drawing.

Following her first success, we adults were all really curious and looked forward to her second piece of work. She was super-duper excited about drawing her brother which was really awesome.

This time she had some trouble with some proportions such as where to put the eyes (they typically ended up way too close to the side of the face), and the nose (typically too small).

Otherwise, I would say that she's a genius. Looking at her, I'm thinking like, I only started doing charcoal when I was in Junior College and it probably looks like what she's doing right now.

This is her finished work!

I love the way she lovingly titled her work Gor Gor Rae.

After class we took a look at her work last week and the new work, she says gor gor Rae doesn't like to smile.

I asked her if she would like to draw charcoal portraits again and she said no... lol.

Must be really tiring after two weeks of intense observations. But don't we all want to see more?!!!

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