Charcoal Drawing Journey of a 7 Year Old (part 1)

Reese: What are going to do today?

Me: Would you like to try marker?

Reese: No, its too difficult

Me: What about charcoal?

Reese: Its difficult too.

Me: How about if we attempt it together?

Reese: Ok

This was the humble beginnings of the charcoal drawing journey Reese and I started to take at Utter Studio.

To continue with the story...

So I prepared two sets of materials. Then I took a picture of her and we started drawing her photograph together. The dynamics of working together with kids is really amusing, I need to be fast and slow at the same time.

When she was not sure where to start, I could start my drawing first and show her that it was ok to just start anywhere and make changes along the way. I showed her that mistakes are easily removed using the eraser and that it was nothing to be scared of. I needed to be fast in being an example to her when she was afraid.

When I noticed that she starts looking at my work instead of the reference picture, I knew it is time to slow down. Naturally, the work was not an easy one, and she would think that I have the answer. However, if at any moment in time she decides to look at how I do it, she was already referring to my interpretation and she would not be able to go back to the reference picture even if she wanted to.

So I treaded carefully and before I knew it, Reese was done with her work! Woohoo! It was a total success! She captured her signature smile and the work was so endearing.

Time passed as we both stared at her work... feeling truly satisfied.

Then she looked at me, smiled and said "I would like to draw my brother as well".

Yeah! Onwards and forward!

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