7 year-old realistic Portrait of her Mommy!

We all have preconceptions on whats possible and whats not. What is your child capable of doing? Sometimes, we have too high an expectation and we push the child off the edge, other times we assume that they can't and won't be able to do it.

The key, I realised, is to be extremely free. Free from expectations. Reese, as pure as a piece of white paper, had no idea how charcoal is "supposed" to be difficult.

Unbiased, and innocent, she embarks on the charcoal journey and she just did it without all the typical nonsense expectation that we adults have on ourselves.

Let's all free ourselves from expectations and allow the children to blossom the way they should, instead of the way we expect them to. These might surprise you on what your kids are capable of.

I hope you guys will enjoy seeing how Reese have fun creating her mommy's portrait as I had fun looking at her do it.

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