Beautiful 4 year-old drawing

Whose artwork is your child bringing home? Are you willing to send your child to a class where he brings home one pretty piece every week speckled with bits and pieces of the teacher's work within your child's? It is honestly quite easy for any teacher to "touch up" the child's work before the end of class and make the child's painting look "better". However, what does the child learn? Possibly... something along the line of "the teacher will make it right". It is a much much tougher to coach without touching the child's work, (sometimes I almost want to strangle myself not to look at the spots that the child has missed out else I would probably be pointing all over the painting...). However, both of us grow. The child grows and learn how to struggle through challenges, learn how to persevere, learn how to focus and experiment. I learn how to give the child some space, learn how to nurture the child beyond just the completion of a visually appealing piece of work. I learn how to give child the space and freedom to play to learn, make mistakes and come back laughing. I learn to let the child's authentic expression shine through his work. Let us all give all the children that time and space to learn through playing and having fun. I hope parents can have faith in your children, that sometimes, they need a little more time to tinker along.... Sharing a lovely video of a 4 year-old who drew and completed the entire drawing on his own (in 2 lessons), while coming up with his own colouring games and making discoveries about the oil pastels. Yes, even 4 years-old can draw beautifully...

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