My First Time with Watercolor Painting


Are you someone looking into trying watercolour painting? Welcome! We are in the same boat.

You know, I’m not sure why but I’m really attracted to watercolor painting… maybe because I liked doing it when I was younger. Or its just fascinating how beautiful the end results can be, specially from skilled artists, isn’t it?

And in all honestly, I’m totally skill-less in watercolor painting before this. So that’s why I decided to learn more about it and then share my progress with you.

For first timers like us, learning watercolor painting can be really scary and confusing at the same time. That’s why I’m very thankful to have an ever present art coach who is there to help me overcome that fear when I decided to learn.

Watercolor painting.jpeg

My First Lesson

In my first session, I was introduced to the tools that I will be using. From the different types of brushes to the watercolour paint and even the paper to use (how it is different from normal printing paper). Brushes have differences in their make, like synthetic and natural. And how each one differs in their water retaining capabilities and also their stiffness.

There’s different types of colors available to use as well. A normal set can have around 21 colours. But experienced artists would only use 12 colors and get the other colors that they want by mixing. Cool right? But roughly these colors are grouped into the yellows, blues, greens and browns. And if you need a different color from what you have you can mix and blend them.

There’s really so much to learn and so many possible things to do! So the art coach told me to focus on only a few things, such as using only 2-3 colors for the exercise and use a brush that I am comfortable with (after considering its qualities) so that I won’t get overwhelmed.

For the first exercise, we talked about “values” and how this helps create depth in one’s work. Then I practised creating five different values using four different colors (ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, phyla blue and indigo).

Here’s what it looks like:

Values watercolor painting.jpeg

And then after doing this and getting the hang of it, I started doing my piece for this day and I chose to use only one color for my watercolor painting. I chose ultramarine blue, just because it sounds cool! :)

I started out by sketching some trees and then doing a light wash on the background. And when the background has dried, then slowly I coloured each section of the drawing in different values, letting it dry before moving on to the next one.

And here is the finished product:

Into the woods watercolor painting2.jpg

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