5 Benefits You Really Need to Know about Art

To be honest, I have never considered this question deeply. How has art benefitted me?

After giving it some thought, I’ll share 5 personal benefits that I got from Art.

1. Art allowed me to be better and confident.

I have been taking Art lessons outside of school since 6 years old. The lessons were cookie cutter methods where we copied what the teacher drew on the board, or copied a particular formula.

This additional training took my Art to a different level as I excelled in the local school Art. I was “better" than everyone else. I built up my identity and confidence through what I was able to do in Art, versus focusing on what I couldn’t or was bad at.

Here's a sample of my art in Junior College: (Mind - 2001)

Print Art by Ee Sock

2. Art allowed me to express my feelings, in a tangible manner.