Full of Gratitude!


Yeah! It’s our holidays! 2014 is officially over! Utter Studio can finally declare a short break!

It has been an exciting one year discovering Utter Studio. 2014 marks the birth of Utter Studio. Utter Studio grew in the love and support of dear friends and families who trusted us when nobody knew who we are. And now, Utter Studio is proud to have students who look forward to our classes, frown when we declare a short break and cry when they have to end a class. These little gestures tells us that we are doing something right, and we love that our parents are always giving us feedback to help us improve and grow our business.

We would like to end 2014 in gratitude.

Utter Studio would like to express our sincere gratitude to parents of dear friends who trusted us with your child’s artistic journey. You guys have been fundamental in our existence. Without your words and trust, we couldn’t have grown to where we are right now.

Families and parents who have children enrolled with Utter Studio, thank you for being patient with us, and allowing us the time needed to work with your kids to bring out the best in them. Thank you for your constant support, feedback and encouragement. We laughed and cry at the same time as we grow together with your child.

Despite your busy schedule, we are grateful that we have parents who have chosen Utter Studio. We are grateful that we have parents who understand and are aligned with our philosophy and believes in the holistic benefits Art has on children. Our experience of seeing a child blossom under our care and guidance, grow in confidence and competency is priceless and it keeps us going.

We are grateful for the opportunity to work with so many creative little geniuses in the studio. Being part of their thought, hearing what they think, and seeing that expressed through their Art work. That experience of being able to hear a child beyond what’s spoken is truly magical for us.

We see parents who take that extra mile for their child, travelling to our studio from the far West. Constantly staying in communication with Utter Studio and being really authentic with us in our discussion of your child’s progress. We thank you. We thank you for that trust and space that you give to us to discover and learn together with you and your child.

The intangible word of mouth that you create, the ripple of social media because you allow me to share your child’s work are all born out of the generousity of parents and we are truly thankful for that.

Occasionally, we even get a breakfast treat. Thank you for keeping us in mind. We truly feel loved as a family.

To add on to the list, Utter Studio is also grateful for people, companies and groups whom we have collaborated and formed a business relationship with. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to everyone whom we have met in 2014.

2015, here we come!!!!

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