Personal Confessions of our Art Coach (Part 3)

Utter Studio art classroom 3.jpg

Having worked with over 100 students over the course of 1 year. I have had my share of experimentations. One of the experiments that I conducted was having parents in the class together with the children. Much as I liked the idea of family bonding, I have come to realise that it impacts the behaviour of the child in class.

Simply knowing that their parents are there in the room alters their behaviour.

I have seen kids shrunk because of inappropriate comments made during the session, covering their work when their parents take photo of them working and more.

I realise I cannot control the type of parents who come into the room, however I can control the space that I create in the room. This is why I always invite parents to wait for their children outside of the classroom.

I want to create a really safe place in my Art Room for every child to express themselves. That is my commitment for the children and the one thing I realise I have a say in. I hope parents can understand this commitment.

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