Personal Confessions of our Art Coach (Part 2)


I remember the show “Kids Say the Darnest Thing”. The best part of my job now is that i get to watch this show everyday. Funny stuff aside, the pure honesty of kids is the best feedback and my best teacher. I get kids who tell me “This is boring.” And I realise it’s true for that particular child. When I can let go of my ego that the planned lesson is important for the child and look somewhere else to engage the child, the results are amazing. Of course it takes me more effort to change the original lesson plan, but I have no doubt the methodology works.

I have kids who came in saying I hate painting. Now they are painting A2 sized canvas self initiated. I have kids who said drawing is hard, now he’s grinning ear to ear drawing from actual photographs.

The joy comes when I ask them, “Are you coming back for the next semester?” and they answer matter-of-factly “Of course!”

I know I’m doing it right when I see them smile so bright.

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