My Surprising Experience at Utter Studio

This article is contributed by one of our students - Jovan

I have a very limited definition of art. I viewed it as mainly paintings, sculptures, nicely taken old photographs… mostly those things that can be found in museums. And I don’t like going to museums, because I really find it boring. So the few times that I’m in one, I just quickly breeze thru the displays like I’m looking at the vast sand in the desert and I just need to quickly find the oasis at the exit. (greatly exaggerated to make a point)

I do know that there’s more to art than what I have strongly defined it to be but I can’t just seem to “get it”. To get how people stop and look at these paintings and appreciate whatever it is there to appreciate. I just don’t get it…

And then earlier this year, I attended a workshop organised by Utter Studio. It’s called “How to draw a Tree Workshop”. The objective of the workshop is to help participants draw a tree that actually looks like a tree. I was curious about how this would go. The last time I remember really enjoying drawing was when I was 7 or 8 years old. I drew robots, cars, spaceships, missiles… those kinds of things, and not trees or landscapes. Oh how I wish I have kept those drawings and be able to show it now.

Anyway, in the workshop, we used a very unique set of tools to draw trees. We didn’t use any pencils or pens. It is something that really got me off my normal thinking. And using this with the technique that Ee Sock has taught us, I was able to create a few amazing looking trees that I saw at Bishan park. It totally blew my mind that I can actually draw like that. Here’s a picture of what my trees look like before and after the workshop.

My key takeaways from the workshop are:

I got to see how different my own view of how a tree is drawn which is what I have been taught since I was very young to what a real tree looks like

Now, whenever I look at trees, I am present to how distinct and different each and every tree is. I now have a new appreciation of trees.

In applying the distinctions that I have learned I can now appreciate other things much better, which makes me now understand and really get how people appreciate the art works that are displayed in museums. And it also made me realise that I didn't really appreciate much about what’s going on around me.

Lastly, I now know and get