Utter Studio: The Cradle for Future Artists

This article is contributed by one of our students - Kurt (CPKurt)

Back then, art has always been a part of my life. It’s been my outlet everytime I want to express my feelings or release any anxiety that I may have. Well, I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued on how it is being done. All forms of art are truly an expression of human creative skill and imagination and I believe one must have an imaginary and extremely creative mind to know and understand what art is. For me, artists or those who have that certain skill really know how to think outside the box because they don’t just create it, they do it out of their emotional power.

I love to sketch/ draw since I’m a kid, and I guess I have the skill because I usually get praises from people that would normally see my creations. I know I wanted to do more and enhance my skills further but I don’t how…well, not until my family and I had our short vacation in Singapore. It is definitely unexpected but I am glad that I met the sweet owner of Utter Studio who happens to be the art teacher as well. I forgot who but someone from my family told her that I also love to draw. She smiled and asked if I can show her how I draw and if I wanted to learn the basic techniques in drawing. Of course, as a self-acclaimed artist that I am, I gladly accepted the offer. :)

She gave me a sketch book and let me draw on my own. I gave my work to her, which I believe is already a masterpiece. She gave me a sweet smile and said that I already have the skills and potential but needs some polishing. She then told me if I want to make a self-portrait. I was at first hesitant to do it because I don’t have any idea how and if I can actually do it. She asked me to face the mirror and basically look at myself and draw. My first drawing was ok. She then told me that it can be improved. She said to check and study the details of my face and imitate what I see. It was hard but the end result was amazing compared to the first drawing that I had.

Utter Studio Kurt Mirror work_edited.JPG
Utter Studio Kurt Portrait Drawing.jpg

The following day, she taught me how to try the printmaking. I didn’t know and I’m actually not aware that printmaking does exist. For those who have no idea, Printmaking is the process of making artworks by printing, normally on paper. It covers only the process of creating prints that have an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting. Confusing? Please see the pictures below.

Utter Studio Kurt Printmaking art1_edited.JPG
Utter Studio Kurt Printmaking art2.JPG
Utter Studio Kurt Printmaking art3_edited.JPG
Utter Studio Kurt Printmaking art4.jpg

So, basically, I drew the same thing but this time not on paper but on foam board. Then, my teacher told me to color it using water soluble crayons; once done, we put the paper over the foam board, sprayed water on it, spread the water using a brush then I pressed it using a spoon making sure that we had covered up the entire foam board. Afterwards, once we’ve managed to pressed everything, we slowly removed the paper. Then, ta-dah! my drawing which was initially drawn on a foam board was now transferred unto the paper. It’s like you printed it. I guess that’s why they call it printmaking. She also gave me some advises on how to do this and that.

It was a short session but I learned a lot. I can truly say Utter Studio awaken the artist in me. I know there are other lessons being provided and they aren’t just going teach you how to draw or paint, but to do more than that, thus, making them unique from other art schools. If I was able to get tremendous ideas for a 2 day session, how much more if I take more lessons, right?

We are all born with a quiescent spark and all we needed was a light to blaze that inner spark. Utter Studio is a cradle for future artists. They will teach you and nurture you from nothing to something.

Many thanks to my sweet teacher for believing in me. For those people who are willing to join that cradle, I challenge you all to enroll and create your own masterpiece.

*God is the greatest artist who made the world and us as his masterpiece*

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