The Journey So Far...

It’s been some time since Utter Studio moved into this space.

(Here are pictures of the space before we moved in)

Photo Oct 15, 2 07 36 PM smaller.jpg
Space before Utter Studio3.jpg

As I build my business day by day, going about my day to day business, I may not realise how far this is a step for me. I have never considered myself anything close to being an entrepreneur or a business owner. I still constantly struggle with coming to terms with these two terms- what I’ve always known them to be, and what I think the embodiment of these two words look like.

The amount of positive support I had often evades me. Looking back, that support came in all sorts of forms and shapes. Landmark Worldwide, who helped me see the light in my life. Trixia, who believed enough to help me look for the space. Wee Lian and my sister who loves me enough to be with me when I ran into uncertainties. My family who had to bear with not hearing my nonsense at home anymore. Wendy, for constantly seeing the beauty in what I do and the space I have. Alec for helping me start the engine on branding. Seet Fun and Mr Chia for teaching me everything that I know about Art. Cayden, for being the greatest support in the way you know to. Sherwin, Joseph, Dorothy, Chee Huck, Shao Ying, Shao Suan, Tien Liang, for trusting me with yourself or your child. Jovan for believing in me unconditionally, helping me build my business from nothing.

Thank you all who crossed my path, or in my life right now making a difference to me and Utter Studio.