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New Stuff at Utter Studio


We love learning and improving ourselves (just like what our students learn in our art classes). We want the best for you and a great space for you to relax, feel free to express yourself and create fantastic works of art. We also want to reach out to you and bring art to where you are and where you need it.


Learning from our experiences last year, and from what you need, we have created a space where you can do Art Jamming sessions with your friends, your partner and/or your family. And just relax and have the time for yourselves.


We are also now accepting Art Birthday Party requests. If you want a different and fun kind of birthday party for your children or even for your friends, then this is for you OR if you want to do a hen's party with your girl friends, we can also do that - we call it Utter Art Parties.


Check the details below!

Utter Art Jamming


Do you feel that you get easily agitated and frustrated? Or maybe you feel that you can't focus and your mind is distracted most of the time? If so, you must be suffering from stress.


One of the best ways to relieve stress is to paint. It's called art therapy.


Benefits of Art therapy:

1. Calms your mind

2. Relaxes your muscles

3. Elevates your sense of well being.


Here's what Wendy Li has to say after her art jam:

"Utter studio is a relaxing place to spend some quiet moments with your friends and family. Through painting, you are able to learn new skills and also unleash your hidden art talent. It's also a moment where everyone will put down our hp and immerse ourselves in the world of art. You all should try it out too!"


Click the link to find out more: Utter Art Jamming

Utter Art Parties


You want it... you got it!


A lot of people have requested for Art Birthday Parties and other events last year. And we have successfully catered them and in the process enjoyed it as well. And now we are officially launching our Utter Art Parties.


We have created a package that are the best in the market. You will get so much value and awesome experience from doing your Utter Art Party in Utter Studio.


And we also partnered with in providing you cakes and snacks in your event, what more can you ask for? But wait! There's more... we also have goodie bags so you have something to bring back besides your art work. Awesome right!?!


Check the package here: Utter Art Party Packages


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