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Painting Nature

"It is when we pause and look that we're able to truly appreciate beauty."

June 2021 Holiday Workshops
This June, we have meticulously prepared workshops for the young ones age 5 and up, for those who like to do acryclic paintings, and for those who would love to do full day workshops in the studio. And we're already very excited to see your kids join us soon!
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For The Little Ones (Preschool and Primary)

Workshop 01

Bready or Not, Here I Crumb!

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June Holiday Art Workshop_2.gif

Build Your Own Bakery!

Let’s all put on our chef hat and start baking! Croissants and hot cross buns here we come! Bring along your muscles as you paint up your own bakery, and knead all that dough before shaping and sending those goodies into the hot oven for baking! Not for the weak-hearted, be prepared to work those little fingers!

Medium: Mix Media- clay, acrylic painting

Kid requirements:

Perfect for preschool and lower primary

Age 5 years old and above

Art Holiday Workshop_bakery money.jpg


Book early,

Seats are limited

Do you have questions? Please email us at

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