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We have 5 super awesome holiday workshops for your kids this school holidays from 19 Nov - 28 Dec

Utter Studio | 18a Jalan Kelulut, Seletar Hills Estate (S)809035




Workshop 01

Clear Blue Skies


To create this sky painting, your kid will learn these amazing stuff:

Learn how to create texture using ordinary household objects.

Paint using acrylics

Learn how to paint realistic clouds

Learn painting techniques like sgraffito

Kid requirements:

Must have some painting experience, the work won't be touched by the art teacher

Age 7-12 years old

Workshop Details:


Nov 20, 28  (SOLD OUT), Dec 4 or 28 (9 am - 12 nn or  2pm - 5 pm) 
Dec 17 or 20 (9am - 12nn)

FEE: $100

Workshop 02

Baa Baa

White Sheep

Bedside 2.jpg

To build this lighting sheep, your kid will learn these super cool stuff:

Learn how to construct 3D forms

Understanding lighting and different types of materials

Learn how lamps work and to make one of their own

Kid requirements:

Know how to use scissors and hot glue gun

Age 6-12 years old

Workshop Details:

DATES:  Nov 19, 27, Dec 3, 19 and 27

DURATION: 9 am - 12nn or 2 - 5 pm

FEE: $110

Workshop 03

Marbling Magic

Brown Textures India Photo Collage Trave

Something different and fun for your kid and has been very successful for our studio kids. :)

What your kid will learn:

Learn the ancient art of marbling

Learn how to create various classic marbling patterns

Understand how marbling works

Kid requirements:

Can listen to instructions and have good fine motor skills. Requires light touch and focus and concentration.

Age 6-12 years old

Workshop Details:

Nov 22 (SOLD OUT), 30 (9 am - 12nn or 2 pm - 5 pm) 
Dec 17, 20 (2 pm - 5 pm)

FEE: $100

Workshop 04

CNY Cushion -
3 Little Pigs

Modern Travel Plain Collage Facebook Pos

Get your own painting of little pigs 

Learn to paint with acrylics

Learn how to blend appropriate colors

Kid requirements:

Your kid must be comfortable in painting

Age 6-12 years old

Workshop Details:

DATES:  Nov  23, Dec 18, 26

DURATION: 9 am - 12 nn or 2 - 5pm

FEE: $100

*Collection of cushions will be at least 2-3 weeks from date of workshop

Our yearly CNY cushion workshop is back!  :)

What your kid will learn:

Workshop 05

Mommy Elephant


Painting with acryclics

Learn how to create textures in an easy and fun manner

Learn how to draw and painting elephants

Learn acrylic painting techniques such as glazing

Kid requirements:

Child must have some painting experience as teachers will not be touching up children's work

Age 6-12 years old

Workshop Details:


Nov  21 (3 - 6pm) 

Nov 29, Dec 21 (9 am - 12 nn or 2 - 5pm)

FEE: $100

To create this mother and baby elephant painting, your kid will learn these amazing stuff:


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