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Available Classes


"The essence of what you learn is the discovery of your amazing self and having access to your boundless creativity." - Ee Sock


We have created art classes that caters for different level of experiences and age group.

Tot Art (3-4 years old)
This is for kids to develop holistically through art education. As they manipulate art tools they develop their finer motor skills and develop themselves physiologically.
They represent the world as they know it and cognitively communicate through art.
Kinder Art (5-6 years old)
At their most receptive age to cultivate the fundamental habits of an artist and develop their capacity to creative thinking.
As they explore the world and consider ways to represent, they exercise essential thinking skills that becomes foundational as they go to school.
Explore alternative possibilities and develop confidence.
Juniors (7-12 years old)
Kids at this age quickly realise the limitation of their drawing and their gauge of how "good" they are, are often how "realistic" their drawing is. Unmanaged and unguided, many would just give up and tell themselves "I'm not talented at this".
The focus of our art education for this group is to quickly empower them with the essentials of art that would transform how they draw, paint and view themselves. Giving them access to express themselves the way they want to.
Techniques and skills of art are an essential learning for this age group.
Learn how to master art techniques and how to manage your own art projects. Essentially, how to build a set of powerful portfolio for the art school that you want to get into.
In general, critical thinking is an essential skill that teens will walk away with from this course.
"It just doesn't look like it."
"I'm not creative"
Transform your "I can't" to "I can"...  and "I'm  not" to "I am"
We use art as a powerful enabling tool for you to get in touch with who you are and how you can express yourself powerfully through it.
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