Christmas Holidays Art Workshop

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Lighted Chimney

Join us in making your very own interactive artworks of Christmas Chimney Art.  Be prepared to light up your home this Christmas! And have some candies waiting for you in the Christmas sock that you are hanging at the fireplace. Huddle up close, where the fire burns warm and bright.


Ps: Absolutely no risk of fire with this piece of artwork. :)


Children will learn how to:

  • Paint 3d effects to have fireplace come to life

  • Build and assemble their own fireplace

  • Learn how to manage acrylic paints effectively

  • Learn about spray paints

  • Learn about acrylic techniques such as glazing

  • Learn how to use your painting tools in creative ways


Duration: 3 hours

Age group: 5 and above

Fee: $80

Dates: Nov 21 (2 seats left) and Nov 30

Time: 9.30 am - 12.30pm

Enchanted Forest

Afraid of the dark? Fancy living in a mystical and enchanted world? Bring right to your bedside with our Enchanted Forest night-light. We will show you how can build and make your own enchanted forest, right from scratch. 


Children will learn about: 

  • Science of Circuitry, learn how to build one up yourself

  • How to plan your own light

  • Playing with air dry clay

  • Designing your own story for your night-light


Ps: Child needs to be proficient with scissors in order to attend this class


Duration: 3 hours

Age group: 5 and above

Fee: $80

Dates: (FULL - Nov 25 & Nov 28)  and Dec 9

Time: 9.30 am - 12.30pm

Glowing Canvas

Add a warm glow to your home walls with a Merry Christmas canvas Art this year. It works really well as a room ambient light and adds that warm touch to any room. The best part is you get to make the whole thing yourself!

Children will learn about: 

  • Acrylic techniques

  • Alternatives ways to paint

  • Creative use of art materials

  • How to install their own lights

Duration: 3 hours

Age group: 5 and above

Fee: $80

Dates: Nov 23, Dec 2, (FULL - Dec 16)

          and Dec 19

Time: 9.30 am - 12.30pm

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