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What kind of Art Classes are available?

Our classes are constantly evolving because our teachers and students are all learning and evolving everyday.


For a start, we match our students to their classes based on their character and abilities. We teach all... well, almost all kinds of mediums to all levels. 6 years old and charcoal, no problem. 4 years old and acrylic paint, no problem.

We see the art mediums as a tool for the child to learn important concepts and values, to spark their interest of their world, not as a tool to pigeon-hole them into different levels.

As every child is different, we work to understand and adjust our curriculum organically to ensure that the right medium and art materials is introduced to your child at the right time.

Your child’s classmates are just as important as the class itself. We match students together based on their learning preferences, interests and also their learning pace. We examine their likes and dislike, character and habits to see how they can learn through their interaction with their classmates.

What do we offer for you?

We offer an art class that exposes your child to multiple mediums such as charcoal, oil pastels, watercolour, acrylic painting, clay, sculpture, collage, printing etc.


An art class that values the personal development (creative confidence, resilience, resourcefulness, responsibility and adaptability) of your child beyond just art works.

What can they learn?

Here's our guideline:


Preschool (4-6 years old)

  • This is the age where they get imprinted and cultivate important values. 

  • In art they get multiple exposure to different mediums, 2d, 3d, themes and art fundamentals.

  • Through art, they learn about creative confidence, resourcefulness, social skills, experimenting, and examining their world.


Primary level (7-9 years old)

  • Practising and mastering observation. The key to learning how to draw. They get deeper engagement with drawing exercises and master their eyes.

  • They still do a lot of mediums and different projects to allow them to practise creative problem solving and thinking outside of the box.


Primary (10-12 years old)

  • Mastering their mediums. They deepen their understanding of the mediums and also art concepts.

  • Learning what makes certain art works work. And what can they achieve with the medium they have in hand.

  • Coupled with the observation skills, they start to learn to express their own concepts and ideas


Secondary (13-15 year sold)

  • Mastery of drawing and mediums.

  • Deep dive into the mediums that they want to master.

  • Practise  personal interpretation and communication of their concepts and ideas


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Here are some artworks from our students


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"Utter studio helped my son Christian improved his drawing skills and learned how to paint as well. Every week Christian is looking forward for his art school at Utter studio.

I am quite amazed and surprised with his works at Utter studio. I never thought Christian can paint and draw so well for a kid. And he keeps on improving. He can now draw better than me! Thanks a lot Utter Studio for guiding Christian

- Aicha, Mother

"My daughter looks forward to her session with Miss Ee Sock every single week and she wishes she could see her beloved art teacher every single day! She will ask me to send her to her art class as early as possible!!

Never regretted signing her up with Utter Studio and am so glad to have found Miss Ee Sock who wrote a very long reply to my email that touches me and also followed up by a nice phone call as I was still indecisive as to which art school to send my daughter to.

Thank you Miss Ee Sock for giving Reese the opportunity to explore, draw and continue to challenge her in every creative way!!!!

Utter Studio rocks!!!"

- Lisa, Mother

"Nathanael really enjoys the lessons at Utter studio. I'm always amazed at what he comes back with . Nathanael tends to want to draw things that he likes but at Utter, Ee sock has taught him to work with different types of medium and to use various techniques - basically to move out of his comfort zone which I think is great . Thanks Ee Sock for your patience"

- Elaine, Mother

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