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Why Utter Studio?


In Utter Studio, we have our students and participants learn through DISCOVERY. In addition to learning the skills and knowledge in creating amazing works of art; through our powerful debriefing at the end of each session, they get to have INSIGHTS on their own selves, their capabilities and what is POSSIBLE for them through art.

Founder, Artist, Art Coach.

Trained in the fine arts since young, ee sock formed her first beliefs in Art in college from a dedicated teacher who believes that Art is for all. 

She graduated from National University of Singapore with a degree in Industrial Design in 2007. Following her graduation, she honed her skills as skills as a designer with Design Incubation Centre for 3 years, during which exposed her to places such as prestigious design fairs in Milan, Italy. Her experience at the centre also allowed her to lead and facilitate design thinking workshops.

After leaving the Incubation Centre, ee sock took up the role of a program manager at design retail store  s u p e r m a m a  for half a year. In 2011, ee sock decided to take a road less travelled- spend couple of months to travel to Japan to experience rural life and also a year to explore baking and pastry arts at a pastry school in Singapore. 

After her sabbatical, ee sock started working with a young children art studio for six months, planning part of their primary level art curriculum and occasionally leading museum tours for young children.

Now ee sock wants to combine her knowledge of creative thinking and Art. ee sock knows that she can make a difference to anyone who is interested to take up Art and open to see what Art has to offer them. Deeply rooted in her training in design, ee sock's primary focus is on the methodology of creative thinking and the process of Art making.

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